29 Januari 2015

Chambering: Choice of Firm


Chambering is a one step closer process before you can be called to the Bar. It's a process whereby law graduates are compulsory to undergo in order for them to be an Advocate and Solicitor. In Peninsular Malaysia, you have to undergo a nine (9) months period of chambering while in Sabah and Sarawak, you have to complete your chambering within twelve (12) months period. Nonetheless, my post is more on those who is doing his/her chambering in Peninsular.

Dear Readers,

To those who are dreaming to become a lawyer, have you ever thought what kind of lawyer would you like to be? Which field do you favor most? Conveyancing or Litigation? If it is litigation then what kind of litigation? Is it Criminal Litigation or Civil Litigation? Have you ever thought of these?If you haven't then this is the time.

Evaluate Your Skills And Interests
Well, firstly you should know your skills and interests. By knowing that then only you can decide your path. If you are to choose as to whether you should do conveyancing or litigation, you should first learn about yourself. If not, you might end up choosing a wrong career path. For instance, should you find yourself skillful and interested towards preparing legal documents and contracts then you should confine yourself in the conveyancing field. However, a great passion towards the court and accompanying by good oratory skills then litigation should suit you well.

Office Person or Court Person
Some people prefer staying in the office from 8 am to 5 pm while some are preferring to go to court and submitting cases. Get to know yourself. Am I an Office Person or a Court Person? You should know the answer by now.

Small Firm or Big Firm
This one is quite tricky. A small firm will require you to do a lot of stuffs. You might even have to be their runner if needed. As for big firm is concerned, you might have to concentrate on specific tasks. Concentrating here means doing almost the same thing every single day.

Choose A Firm Which Provides You The Knowledge That You Desire
If you find yourself interested in Criminal Litigation then you should find a firm doing mostly criminal cases. Should you choose a firm doing conveyancing while your interest is in criminal litigation then you'll be regret in the future. Choose a firm which can deliver you the knowledge that you need. 

All in all, chambering is indeed a process of learning and you should set your career path by at first choosing the right firm. Last but not least, welcome to the Bar in advance.

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