5 November 2014

Conveyancing or Litigation

Conveyancing or Litigation

Well. To be frank. I've never decided much on my career path as a lawyer. Some would prefer to be a conveyancing lawyer while some would want to go to court and be called as a litigation lawyer. As for me, my ambition is to be a lawyer but in what field or what area? Hurm. That's a hard one to answer.

When I was looking for a place to do my chambering, I've never thought about as to whether I should be a conveyancer or a litigator. Perhaps there was not enough enlightenment to me. My purpose at that time was simple. Complete that nine months's period and be a lawyer. That's all and that's it. Nothing more and nothing less.

But somehow, I've never realised that my decision at that time might costs me my future. You must be thinking. What's actually cost me? I'm already a lawyer so what's the big deal about this conveyancing or litigation stuffs? Should I already put these to rest? Or should I re-think?

Career path? Is it really that important? Will it affect my future as a lawyer? What will it cost me? Perhaps it is indeed ambiguous in nature. One should determine its career path. But the issue is how and why?

As a lawyer, you might end up as a conveyancing lawyer or a litigation lawyer. During my varsity time, I always thought that being a lawyer is about going to court to represent your client for a case. Submitting in court, convincing the presiding judge as well as arguing with the opposite learned counsels are the things that I will regularly do as a lawyer. However, at this stage, it turned out to be otherwise.

My works at the office are mostly relating to documentations and agreements. The Sale and Purchase Agreement, Tenancy Agreement, Joint-Venture Agreement, Letter of Appointment and etc are the things that I played every day. Unlike my other learned friends who go to court regularly, I usually go to the Developers' office for meetings and signing those documents piling on my desk. My face is surely not a face you can find in court and honestly, to be called or labelled as a conveyancing lawyer can be quite offensive sometimes.

I cannot deny the fact that I am actually loves to do litigation stuffs though a lot of lawyers might say that conveyancing works are better in terms of the money earns. Being a lawyer is always about promoting others' rights. That will be things for lawyers to advocate. Doing conveyancing is not a sin but to pursue for litigation is not a wrong thing either. What's more important is your intention to help others in need. 

Conveyancing and litigation are choices. I can choose either one but in reality these two can't be separated.

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