2 November 2014

Back To Blogging

Back to Blogging

Well. Blogging is a part of my life before. I usually wrote on my blog in order to share it with other people. I love to write. It's my passion to write. I kind of lost my momentum in blogging since September 2013. That was the time when I was struggling to start with my chambering. For those who did not know, chambering is a nine months' process of training yourself to be a lawyer. Right after that period, you can called yourself a lawyer.

You know what. Though writing is my passion, sometimes I just don't acquire the right mood to write. The word lazy can be best to describe me when it comes to blogging. It's actually good you know to share things with others but please make sure that the things you wrote is safe to read. What I mean is that the articles/posts that we wrote need to be in conformity with the existing laws.

As a young lawyer, there's a lot of stuffs that I have to learn. Being a lawyer is not an easy task. I have to equip myself with relevant information as well as to grab all the necessary knowledge that will be vital for my work. By declaring myself a lawyer does not make me a lawyer but by acting and working like one, it will.

In previous years, my posts are usually about love and love and love. One might even called me 'Mat Bunga' which I am not and I'm certain. Sometimes I did'nt know how on earth did I know about love. Well. Some posts which I wrote can be quite alien to me but I still managed to write about it. Can we called that as a gift? Writing about love issues can be regarded as a gift? Hurm. Many would argue on that.

Seiously, blogging has been somehow far from me but I wanted so hard to start it back. And this time around, I should have the motivation to start afresh. Sharing is a good thing and why must we stop from doing it? Let's start again.

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