18 Disember 2012

Be Awesome Instead Of Being Sad


We are all human beings and we tend to be sad all the time. Yeah, it's normal to be in such a way but can it be really helpful? Of course not my brothers and sisters. Being sad all the time will not going to help you in facing your dilemma. And I personally think that being sad will only leads to suffering and suffering will surely be an outcome that we have not ever wanted.

"Why not try to be awesome instead of being sad??"

For sure,  tears will be no more and happiness is the one that will accompany you. Why not we give it a shot? Who knows the outcome will be even better. After all, the only thing that you have to do is by being awesome.  

And the most vital part will be...
How to be Awesome??
- Whenever you feel lonely, please hangout with your buddies.
-Whenever you get bored, please watch some movies
-Whenever you feel yourself like a loser, be no worry, you're not the one and only

"Go and shine your day"

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