8 April 2012

Staying Up At Night

Well, it seems that I have abandoned this channel for quite some time..Hoho..What happened to all of you?? Are you okay?? Still having the same dilemma?? Is it about love again?? Huh, well, just forget about it for a second shall we..Now, lets talk about "Staying Up At Night"..

Do you know what staying up in the first place? It is a habit or an activity that can only be done at night. Usually those weirdos only will do such a thing..Haha..It seems like I'm in that species too..Arghh, just be cool bro..Staying up late at night is a very common thing to do..There's no such thing as staying up at day..If there's any, please tell me ASAP..hoho

Alright..Usually, what we will do if we're going to stay up for the night??
Ok..This is what I will do..

1. Watching Movie
Hurm..There's no new movie to be watched but I'll dig for one in my hard drive just to fill my boring hours..The movie may be bored but to stay at night merely on surfing the net will be much more pathetic..

2. SMS or Calling A Friend
I'm not a loser okay..I got friends..Haha..Sometimes I did message or call them..Ask them about their new plan in life..Can I ask that?? Of course not..What do you think I am?? A Destined Stalker??..

3. Online/Surfing the net
This is common..Almost everyone in the entire world are doing this if they are going to stay up..But sometimes I do ask to myself..If there is going to be no internet, will everyone go to bed early?? That is a question of law..Haha

4. Eating
Don't you ever deny that!!..haha..Just be truthful..You cannot stay up late at night without having a cup of coffee served with those yummy cookies or biscuits..It's going to be even better if we're going to be served with French Fries or Popcorns..But hey..Have you forgotten??..What do you think this is?? McDonald or something?? Be realistic..You're in your house unless if you're loitering around Kuala Lumpur then that is acceptable..Hoho

That's all..See you later..Chow..

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