2 Mei 2011

UUM Law Batch 10: We have to strive forward

Dear batchmates,

We have worked together for almost 2 years of time. We have lived together as a good team and this is surely a good sign in continuing that close bondage between us. Yet sometimes we don't realize about the issues relating to the batch. Here, I would like to emphasize a few issues that we have to solve them together as a team.

Issues relating to the batch:-

1. First and foremost, we have to realize that our batch will be the last batch to use the old syllabus of UUM LL.B. Our juniors on the other hand had began to open a new chapter by using the new syllabus which is far different from ours. My suggestion will be for us to set up a an academic review committee in finding the loopholes and problems that arise due to these changes. Our findings through that academic review will be presented before the Assistant Vice Chancellor of COLGIS and the LL.B Undergraduate Chairman. We have to fight for our own sake. We must not wait for the others to mend this issue.

2. This batch has to be more dominant. We are about to enter our third year. We must be responsible for the process of enhancing this program. We have to dominate the Law Society. That is our bulwark. It is our time to show our determination and commitment in constructing our LL.B program to be one of the best in Malaysia especially. It is our days of glory. This time, we have to be at the front line. We must be optimistic and we must not let the bulwark of ours to be irrelevant with time.

3. Our batch must be together no matter what will be the conditions. We have to co-operate without looking at our past background, race or ideology, as the stronger we will be, the better our LL.B will turn out to be. We are consisting of members of different skills and specialties and we must utilize these in order to uphold this batch specifically and the UUM LL.B generally.

4. I have set up our own group on Facebook, the UUM Law Gen 10 Today. If there will be any information or announcement regarding to our batch or the Law Society, it can be made through that page. It will make things easier to be made known to everyone. Please, do not cancel the function of notification of the group or you will miss out the announcement or information posted on the wall.

"Unity is Strength" 
MHZ, UUM LL.B 10 Batch

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