11 November 2010

Malaysia (A first world country by 2020)

A new breeze has now possessed Malaysia. A country that is said to attain a first world level by the year of 2020 on paper. This is a vision. It may be true or vice verse. As a Malaysian, of course I'm expecting a greater and better Malaysia.  For god sake I'm not willing to see this beloved nation to fall down during this process of transformation.

The City of Kuala Lumpur

Everything has changed due to this superb idea of transforming Malaysia. The political landscape is slightly changed, those concrete jungles are being remodeled, the green forests continue to be harassed, and the most vital matter for me recently is the revolution of the educational system. The educational system should be a platform for the students to enshrine themselves as they are the next navigators of Malaysia. 

PMR at stake?? Will it be abolished or remodeled??
We got news that the PMR will be terminated permanently from the Malaysia's educational system. I can't give any definite answer to this matter. It seems the Ministry of Education has something to show to us or maybe this is again a new scene of experimenting. I do agree with a statement made by a friend of mine. She has stated that the ministry's ideas of changing their policy in education will lead to a chaotic situation to those unfortunate students. The idea of changing Science and Math that was previously in BM to BI has completely paralyzed the process of entering into universities commonly among rural areas students. 'A lab rat', this will be the most probable thing to be visualized if it's regarding on this point.  As now PMR can be permanently set aside, the government should give a better solution to avoid any miscalculation that has happened before. In my point of view, the PMR examination maybe shall be given a new form or format to make it more relevant with the current needs.

My Semester Break to be extended

This is something that has not crossed my mind before. What a peculiar occasion? I cannot accept such change. Even if I have to accept it, this decision is still unforgiven. What a break? It is way too long. The longevity of the break is not the issue but it will surely extend my years of study to at least half a year more than the actual time. Oh, no. This is completely insane. I don't know how to describe my feeling right now. It is said that this change is due to the adoption of the foreign system. I'm expecting this system to be adopted from Australia. The issue about where it comes from is not the point but to take such act is surely not a positive step.

These recent phenomenons do make me pissed off. I just have to sit and relax. My view will not stop them to start on moving. We just have to pray for the other changes to be on our side.    

MHZ, Hoping for a new dawn


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