27 Ogos 2010

Give Me A Second Chance

This is my own written short story. I have wrote about this during my school time at the Malay College. At the time, I was 17. I have the intention in writing this when I have listened to a teacher of mine talking about a second chance. She asked the class to write an essay regarding to this. What makes me different from the others was because that particular homework had turned out to be a short story. Here are something that I have still remembered relating to that story and I would like to share this piece of art with you.

I give you..Give Me A Second Chance..written by my own

This is about a story. A story of a romantic couple. Two persons who are deeply in love. Their perfect love is so strong as it can bind their two hearts to be one. Even though their youth can be a hard barrier to ensure of their love to continue on living but the commitment from both of them do save them from any elements that can tear them apart. This can be said as a myth in the world of truth.

This was about a girl named Rose. She was so beautiful as nothing can be compared to her. She was almost like the fairy of the world. Her fairness do make every man would definitely fall in love with her. Her eyes were blue. That long and straight hair of hers almost making her the princess of the world. Her existence opened the eyes of every man that even not in a dream land, this kind of girl do exist. Her skin was pure and white as snow while her lips was red as rose.

She was deeply in love with a guy of the same neighborhood. They were always together. Their meetings were always be memorable and romantic. They were spending most of their time at a garden fulled of roses. That garden was so special to them as it was almost like a symbol of Rose's heart. Although this can be seen as insane but to them, it was believed that the garden will express whatever things that Rose felt.

They cannot be separable. A second living apart made them cried through their hearts. Everyone around them may not know and just the two of them knew about their feelings. As Rose thinks about him, he just know that and he will rush to the garden and find out a girl in red has waited for him. That was just an example of how strong is their feelings or instincts towards each other.

But this thing has changed. A new girl has moved to the neighborhood. That girl has fallen in love with the guy. That guy did'nt know about the girl's intention. And he was stupidly fallen to a trap and unfortunately, he did'nt even noticed about this. That girl made him forgot about Rose and Rose felt depressed. Rose felt that she has no longer important to him. She thought that she was just a piece of love that has been forgotten.

She cried in tears. She was at the garden all the time but that guy did'nt appeared. Her heart was breaking apart. She cannot stand it anymore. She's taking a decision to leave the place to somewhere else where she can start a new a life and moving on. That guy then realized that he has made a big mistake. And he has rushed to the garden to ask for her forgiveness.

Rose cannot look at his face. She felt that her heart has fulled of pain and hatred. "I hate you". "You're breaking my heart", said Rose to him emotionally and that was an expression of hatred towards the one she love. "Rose, please forgive me..My heart was blind..I have abandoned you..I know it was my mistake..But I can't live without you..', the guy can't stand to stop his tears, he believed that he will lose the one he love at that moment. "I have hated you now and I will hate you forever", Rose expressed her anger without any fear of losing her true love.

While Rose was walking towards the exit, that guy shouted to her. "Rose, please give me a second chance..I will be waiting here for you..for the rest of my life..This is my swear to the love that we have once belived", He can just only looked and hoping that Rose will come back to give him a second chance. Rose kept on silent and left him without an answer.

5 years has passed. He's now a man. He worked in a firm. After work, he will go to the garden and waiting for his lover to come. That will be his daily routine since the day Rose left him. At that day, something miracle happened.

The roses in the garden have not blooming for 5 years of time but the strange thing was that they were blooming. He was confused. He sat under a big tree near to a river. From there, he can see the river flowed. At the moment, he was looking at a river stone. He saw the water hit the stone and being separated but at the edge of the stone, that flow of water meet again. He was staring at the river and in a sudden, he saw a person on that river's surface. He stood up and turned to his back. A girl in red smiled at him. That smile was an answer that a second chance has been given. His wait has now paid off.

Written by Mohd Hakimi bin Zulkifly, MCKK Class of 2007.

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