24 Ogos 2010

Don't be too egoistic-MHZ

I know that it is not as easy as we think to keep aside the ego of ourselves but then it is not impossible either to do so. As a human being, we have to tolerate in certain circumstances. Whether we like it or not, that sense of tolerance need to be instilled within you.

if you are trying to be selfish then something that you may have not ever think about will about to come. This world is full of hatred and pain. It is the duty of us to make it calmer and not to contribute more in jeopardizing of what that has been left behind.

We have to live together. Make more friends. Have a good time with everyone and then only your life will be meaningful enough. Today, you are maybe somebody. But for tomorrow, nobody knows about your fate. It is safer to be friendly to everyone. Only then, you will be respected and being accepted by the society.

Once something happened, don't you ever make a quick decision without taking sufficient time to think about it first. By doing that only you will know what is the best for you. Making a quick and harsh decision makes you look stupid and sooner or later, you will realize that you are the losing party.

You have to always remember this. It is not a waste to be good to everyone. You will know about its benefits when the time comes. Never be too confident in your decision as your decision might be a wrong one. Always be calm and careful in deciding any problem or matter.

A successful person is a person who can accept both compliments and insults. A successful man is not a man who is an angel to all but a man who's capable of making a good decision and matured enough in facing any obstacles. A man who's cannot cope with his problem and not sufficiently professional to tackle the situation can be said to have failed in performing his duty. This can be highly related to ego. My advice is do not be too egoistic.

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