30 Mei 2010

Role Play can be hard to play-MHZ

This is turning worst and worst. It's going to be tough from here. In this E-Communication Class, we have to act in some sort of a talk show. I admit this can be hard if the group members cannot play their respective role very well.

In this forum or discussion, we have to come into an agreement about that particular issue we have discussed. The duration of time given will be about 20 minutes so it must be used wisely. Things that may lead to redundancies must be avoided to make sure we will finish the forum at the twentieth minute.

Only palm cards are allowed but no reading. This can be tough for those who have lack of proficiency in English. It's obvious that they will surely refer to the text and may have read it without their consent.

A number of practices must be done to incline perfection. As we have obtain a topic that will be related on disasters so a multiple of examples are needed to strengthen the contents. Our lecturer is quite strict with the flow of that forum so we have to get use to it and perhaps to play safe as possible as we can.

The role play is going to be on Tuesday and we have two days left to prepare for that assignment. Hopefully, everything are just fine. After all, English can be easy if you're not lazy.

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