28 Mei 2010

No Pain No Gain-MHZ

It seems people always want to get something that can be attained easily. It's the truth. Nothing looks to be ambiguous or likely to be libelous in facts. When it comes to hardship, they prefer to ignore and may find a way to make it easier to be attainable or achievable. In the same way, this principle can be equally compared with the principle of love.
Love can be gained in tonnes of way but to earn it,usually it will not always be easy. You have to learn it the hard way before you could obtain that love itself.
On the contrary, certain individuals pick the easiest way to earn their love but none are prevailed. You have to show your courtesy to your lover and it makes you less vulnerable to attack from the outsiders which may ruin your relationship.
Love is a simple word with thousands of perception and rather seen to be quite amusing in many ways.
I may say having to breakup in love can be helpful in a different way. This may require a strong desire to recover from such illness and you might be in dilemma if your sense of love to that particular person was so deep, much deeper than the pacific ocean I guess.
Bravery seems to be the only key. You have to be brave enough to make it start. If not, you must not consider yourself damn good to start on dreaming as it will makes you suffer. Happiness can be far for you to grab but to be close to it also can be painful.

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