10 Mac 2010

Magic English With Sir Kimi

Hello and a very pleasant day..i'm your lecturer, sir kimi who will be assisting you for your MUET and also to guide you in order for you to obtain band 6..if not you cannot earn your degree..you get my point right? Good..That will be the first thing for you to remember..In my class, sembang2 are higly forbidden..tidor is exceptional because you won't interrupt the process of the class..
The first lesson for today is how you are going to change your English to the correct mode..you have actually using the wrong English and that's why you did'nt get band 6 for your muet exam..now take a look..
1.Terima kasih-accept love/not thank you ok
2.Sama-sama-same-same/welcome is wrong
3.Selamat Datang is actually we call 'save come' and not welcome
4.Cermin mata-eye mirror/not specticles
5.Apa khabar-what tell/not how are you..
It just simple..change BM to English directly..dictionaries are useless these days..retoric is more than the reality in the dictionaries..that's why you need to choose this way of learning English..don't study hard but study smart..opening dictionary is a lagha(waste time) action so try to avoid from doing it..insya-Allah band 6 will be yours..see you next Friday..class dismissed

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