21 Jun 2013

UUM Dan Aku


Have you ever heard of UUM? Well. If you have heard about that LISTEN thing, surely you have heard about my varsity. UUM is a varsity located in Sintok of Kedah which occupied nearly 30, 000 students comprising locals and foreigners. And what makes it more unique is that UUM has the capability of accommodating all of its students which makes UUM the only varsity in Malaysia that can provide with such accommodation. Though we have this process so called Apung due to the failure of achieving certain points for active participation but still UUM students are not going to be kicked out from the campus. Instead of being kicked out, they will be transferred to other residential hall as a form penalty due to their lack of performance. And even until now, this so called Apung is being hotly debated. And to be frank, me myself also is not that in tune with this kind of policy. Hopefully it will be revised for the betterment of UUM.

Muadzam Shah Hall of UUM
Well. Living in UUM is not that bad after all. During my first semester, I was a resident at DPP BSN or it was formerly known as DPP Perwaja. It was a great moment staying there with a bunch of lunatic friends. It was fun back then. We have our meals in different cafes and we make it as a habit. Due to that kind of habit, we have met different people with different culture and at the same time we are expanding our networking and connection. At this stage, we were having this crazy habit of changing our names every evening when we are heading to the cafe to have our dinner. For instance, we are calling each one of us with names like Pak Abu, Pak Ali, Pak Jabit and etc today and names like Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Tok Putih and etc the next day. What a crazy life and totally an unforgettable memory back then. 

Me and my friends during our Second Semester in UUM
During my second semester, I have been shifted to DPP Bank Rakyat but I was not there for long. It was right after the orientation week for the 2010/11 session had ended, I was being welcomed to join DPP SME Bank. From there, I have being a part of DPP SME Bank until my final semester which had officially ended on the 13th of June 2013. Four years of struggling had finally come into conclusion.

College of Law, Government and International Studies or COLGIS is some kind of my second home in UUM. This is where I attended most of my classes and tutorials. I feel proud to be a part of COLGIS and hopefully I will be returning to UUM as a person who may contribute something to COLGIS. 

"A dream is just a dream but we can always make it happen."

As a law student, I was trained to be a lawyer. My advocacy skill has to be sharpened in order to prepare myself for the challenging outside world. I have to equip myself by participating in internal mooting competition as well as being an active member of the UUM Law Students' Society. Intending to be a Syarie Lawyer one day, I have also participated in the Syariah Internal Mooting Competition and currently conducting an individual research on Islamic Law in Malaysia as to have a better understanding about the scenarios of Islamic Law in our society. A better understanding will make me a better lawyer.

Throughout these 4 years of struggle, I have to face my problem of hardly getting the mood to study. It is too serious as I have once studied at 7 am in the morning while my examination is going to start at 9.00 am. It is fortunate for me that I have managed to end up my study exactly 4 years albeit having a worst study problem. 

Mooting Session for Professional Practice Class
Last but not least, I do admit that there are still tonnes of unresolved issue in UUM but I prefer not to discuss them in this post.  Let's not make this post too controversial shall we but I do hope that my juniors will be able to tackle of all these unresolved issues in the future as to ensure that the welfare of the students can be well-maintained. A varsity has to be students' friendly for sure.

My life in UUM had ended with happiness, proud and victory. It was during my final semester that I have found my soul mate and it turned out to be that Malacca is not merely a historical city anymore. Plus, having finished my law school on schedule is a great blessing from Allah SWt. A lawyer I will become in 2014 in shaa Allah. May my journey be eased by Allah SWt.  

"UUM dan aku. We can never be separated as UUM will always be a part of me till my last breath."

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