9 Februari 2012

Life Is Simple

Well guys, life is actually very simple..But it is us who make it harder..Why I'm saying so?? You can barely see it with your naked eyes..For instance, you're craving for food..There's a 'mak cik' who's selling Nasi Lemak in front of your house but you've decided to go to Char Koewteow Omaq which needed you to spend a 15 minutes trip to town..Can you imagine??..How much time have you already wasted for a plate of koewteow??..haha..It's your life anyway, not mine..

At the moment where you needed money the most, then you will find a good friend to borrow some of it..You have then borrowed him RM5.00 to buy a plate of 'Nasi Goreng Ayam' with a glass of 'Teh Tarik'..At the end of the day, you have to pay him the loan..haha..Sounded like a bank to me..You can just make it easier actually..You can just go to the shop and buy some maggie..It solves your problem with a smaller cost..haha..That's why I'm saying life is easy..Don't make it looks complicated..

I assume that a lot of people out there do not prefer the easier way..Maybe they want to have some sort of satisfaction..It can be hard to them but they would not mind..For them, that is life..Life is not always going to be on your side all the time..Yeah, maybe they are right..

Whatever happened in your life, just take it as an experience and something for you to learn..Learn from your mistakes and be a better man..haha..Am I Robbie William??..haha..That's all for now..Bye2..

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