26 Oktober 2010

As time goes by-MHZ

Dear my fellow colleagues,
'My Shifting Process'
Since the first time I have entered this university, I have exposed myself to various kind of people. Each one of them owned different style and attitude. I have never expected similarities among them. We do have slight similarities but with an ocean of differences.

I have shifted from 2 Residential Halls namely Perwaja and Bank Rakyat. SME Bank Residential Hall is my latest stop and perhaps maybe my last check point in UUM. In UUM, Perwaja was the place I was being nurtured and Bank Rakyat was the place where I learned to start on living. The point I'm stopping my journey at SME Bank is just because I feel it has the potential to be a proper place for me to settle down.

Wthout proper plan and intention, finally I have shifted for the third time and this time to SME Bank. It was great to stay here. It was peaceful and I have a lot of privacy of my own. 

'The Ship Is More Than The Crew'
Perhaps this idiom is popularly known in the Royal Town of Kuala Kangsar. It was being taken as a symbol of pride and belief by my rival school, Clifford. While my school MCKK rather on using Latin words mentioned as 'Fiat Sapientia Virtus' which means in Malay, 'Kebijaksanaan Mutu Manusia'. Sometimes this thing did cross my mind. I think Mak Cik Cendol was not the only one but even an English teacher won't even know the meaning of these Latin words. That's why it's safer for me to define the actual meaning to stop on those assumptions.

Speaking of assumptions, I do have something to say by virtue of this matter. Do you know the consequences of assumptions? The negativity of this matter is highly recognizable by almost everyone. We have to realize on this as it can spoil the unity of us. At the same time, it will jeopardize everything that we have built up till now. 

'The ship is more than the crew' is telling us something. What ever actions that we have taken will surely affect the others. As a result, the ship will sink. And do we realize that we are boarding on the same ship? And that is why I'm begging to all of my fellow colleagues to be on the right track. Please stop on doing anything which may harm the unity that we have possessed. 

'We are all friends'
Remember guys. We are friends and we will always be. This is for the sake of our LL.B program and also for our beloved Alma mater. Thank you. May Allah SWT bless on us for our holy intention.

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