26 April 2010

New Mentality for the UUM Law Batch 0913

Perhaps this is the time for me to say something about the issues arise within the batch. After the majority of us already completed their examinations, there are still some who are staying due to the STID paper held on the 5th of May. As we can see, it is naive for me to state about this particular matter but it is a must to comment on this thing before it provides us with much more worst problems. Together in a ship, we are sailing as a team with each one of us support and carrying out various responsibilities to contribute to the batch in terms of several aspects. I know it seems not to be as simple as we thought it will be but rather than to think it negatively, a process of enhancing the work to remedy the matter is going to be continuous. There are few aspects that I would glad to comment on as it is damn to be kind of serious and may jeopardize the existence of unity. The aspects are:-
(1)Selfish-this will be the worts part. I can't missed myself to state on this issue. It is a normal phenomenon within the batch. You cannot included yourself in this. This will be the prime cause to sink the sailing ship. First and foremost, severals of us beginning to be like this or maybe it's their style to be like that. There are some having the tips and past years papers but selfishly keep it to themselves without having the intention to share it with the others. What kind of mentality is this?? You sure think by doing that, you can score an A..it's going to be vice versa..Allah SWT will surely helps those care and share with others. This is what Islam teaches us to do..It should be instill in our mind..Do not blame the others for isolating you because you have been seriously selfish..And please change..
(2)Misunderstanding-It is normal. Everyone has their own perception of thinking. It's okay to have disputes but remember, too many of it will spoil the unity we are about to sustain. This issue sometimes raise during the group assignments and any other events that may put you in a group. Please do your part as this is concerning other people's perception towards you. And it may be your fault if the others blaming on you if you did not perform well for the task given.
(3)Isolation-to isolate yourself is your choice..but to give on advice is my responsibility..You have alienated yourself..trying to study as tonnes of book as you can..stay aside from the human world..becoming an alien to the others..Don't give reasons if people start to complain about you..it's your fault and you have to curb the problem yourself and not us..Don't just say they are abandoning you..you on the other hand actually ask for it..think it back to adapt in the batch..there are few living with this way of life style..I can hear them voicing their concern but it's you who have to take the first step..the others are going to welcome you back..
That's all guys..have a nice holiday..see you then..

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